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When I was a child, my grandmother shared her stories of growing up as the daughter and granddaughter of lighthouse keepers. My great grandfather, was the last lighthouse keeper to live on Alcatraz Island with his family and my Great-Great Grandfather was also a lighthouse keeper in Northern California.

In using the symbol of the lighthouse, I honor my family’s heritage of being keepers of the light.

By wearing Sister Muse jewelry, I invite you to feel

connected to your inner lighthouse

and create safe spaces for yourself and others.

Each Sister Muse piece has been imbued with the energy and spirit of the lighthouse, encouraging and supporting you in bringing forth your inner brilliance. You become the sentinel, the beacon, the muse.

I select each piece with care, delighting in the offerings I get to share, believing that they will also spark joy in you, wherever you go in the world!

                                    An invitation                              

Lighthouses have served as sentinels since ancient times. In our lives, there are days of calm waters

and others more turbulent. I invite you to imagine yourself as a lighthouse. Feel your back straighten, eyes open a little wider, feet grounded to the Earth, lungs filling with rich oxygen, lifting your face to the sky, remembering your own inner light, the light that is  always there.

You, my love, are the muse of your dreams.

Child of Earth

Source of Inspiration

Beacon of Hope


My name is Aleah Panther, owner and creator of Sister Muse Jewelry.

After dedicating 13 fulfilling years to being a nanny, in Chico and San Francisco, CA. I was ready to shift my creativity towards my own business. Like so many in 2020 I stared to muse on my future and what mattered most. I chose to follow my heart and move back to my home town of Chico, CA.


I have always loved creating jewelry, delighting in the joy my pieces brought to others. I started Sister Muse to build a brand that sparks joy and elevates one’s inner muse.




My grandmother standing next to the steps of the lighthouse on Alcatraz.

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